We offer various training classes for dogs. No matter what the age of your dog is you can find a suitable training class for him. Proper training will help the dog to transform into a happy and sociable creature. It will strengthen the dog’s bond with you. We offer the following classes.

Dog socialization class

We help you raise a confident and happy dog that you can take anywhere with you, whether on the road or to your friend’s house. Our classes are conducted by experienced trainers and they use only positive reinforcement methods. We provide training in a relaxed and calm environment. We make teaching fun.

Dog group training classes

We provide group training classes to dogs of all ages. We use effective and latest techniques to train the dogs. The dogs will enjoy learning new skills together.

One-to-one training

For dogs that have special behavioral issues, we provide one-to-one training sessions. The trainers try to understand the unique behavior pattern of the dogs and try to customize training classes suited for each dog.

We use food, toys, and other positive reinforcements to train our dogs. A healthy relationship develops between the owner and the dog because of trust and clear communication. We understand that and so train the dogs in such a way that a strong relationship develops between the dog and the owner. If you want to bring your dog to our classes, you must pre-book. Please, call us to know the class schedules.