7 Reasons Why you Should get a Dog for Your Children

Dogs are very affectionate creatures. If you have kids at home, a dog can be your kid’s best friend. A dog can have many positive effects on the childhood and development of your kid. A dog can give your child company and entertainment. Here are some great reasons to buy a dog for your children.

Dogs can be good friends

If you bring a dog home, your child won’t feel depressed or lonely. The dog will play with your kid and do things to make your kid laugh. The dog can become your kid’s best friend.

Your kid will have good health

When you will have a dog in your home, he will play and run. Your kids will also participate in these activities. They will be feeding and grooming the dog that will improve your kid’s motor skills. If your kids take the dog to walk regularly, then they will stay away from the computer screen. Having a dog at home can reduce the risk of your child becoming obese.

For protection

A well-trained dog will always stay beside your kids and protect them. It can save your child from any accidents or prevent your kid from getting into any violent activity.

Develops important skills

Kids will take care of the dog and learn various skills. They will read out stories, play creative games, etc. These will help in developing their reading and creative skills. Your kids will also learn to socialize. When they will take the dog for a walk, they will meet new friends in the neighborhood.

Emotional development

A dog can improve the emotional development of a kid. A dog can make your kid happy during times of loneliness. The love your kid shares with the dog will help to create a strong bond between your kid’s siblings as well.

Reducing anxiety

Some types of dogs can reduce the level of anxiety in children. Cuddling a dog or playing with him stimulates oxytocin hormone which lowers the level of anxiety.

Managing behavioral issues

A dog in the house can help to solve behavioral problems in children. If your kid is aggressive in nature, he or she will calm down in the presence of the dog. Your kid will learn to be disciplined and kind.

Today, parents are very busy with their works. They don’t find enough time to give to their kids. A dog can help their kids grow in a healthy manner. It will save the kids from getting into depression and loneliness. So, if you have kids at home, you should consider buying a dog seriously.



5 Reasons for Using Positive Reinforcement Techniques for Training Dogs

Positive reinforcement training involves providing rewards to the dog when they do something good. The rewards can be in the form of praising, treating, or taking them to walk and play. The trainers often use a ‘clicker’ to show a positive situation. Here are five reasons why this type of training is necessary.

Improves communication

You should train your dog using positive reinforcement to create a strong bond between the two of you. It is important to communicate ith your dog clearly. It will help your dog to understand when they are doing right things and when they are going the wrong things. With reward, your dog will keep on repeating the good behavior.

Develop stronger bond

To many dog owners, the dog is a part of their family. They treat the dog like their own children. If you give them positive reinforcement training, they will trust you more. So, the relationship between you and your dog will be stronger. On the other hand, if you keep on punishing your dog continuously, the relationship won’t be strong anymore.


Improves behavioral issues

If your dog is fearful and aggressive, then positive reinforcement training can improve their behavior. If you give them punishment, the situation will become worse.

Get the whole family involved

This type of training is easy to do as you can involve your entire family to take part in training the dog. They can provide treats or behave nicely with the dog.

The training is fun

You can have lots of fun while providing this positive reinforcement training. Your dog will enjoy the sessions very much and will look forward to the next training session.

Nowadays, the dog experts discourage punishment as a part of training. You should use positive reinforcement training if you want your dog to grow healthy both physically and mentally.


4 Ways to Make your Home Prepared for a Puppy

Any pet lover will love to get a new puppy. But finally, when the little one arrives, people seem to get crazy to fix their home. Here are some ways to make your home puppy-ready.

Get puppy pads

You can use these pads to make your puppy pee. That way your home won’t get messy. After each time your puppy pees on a puppy pad, reward him by praising him or giving him a treat. If he pees on the floor then give him some light punishment. This way he will know that he needs to pee on the pad.

Move chewable things away

You should get rid of items that your puppy might choke on. So, things like power cords, small plants, shoes, human food, etc. must be kept out of reach. You should be careful about the cleaning products you use in your home.

Introduce other pets slowly

If you have another dog in the house, you should take the time to introduce him. You should let them sniff and get to know one another slowly. You will soon find that they are playing together. In the beginning, you need to make sure that they sleep separately and you shouldn’t leave them unsupervised.

Set boundaries

You should teach the puppy where they are allowed to go and where they aren’t. For example, if you don’t want to allow him to your bedroom, then keep the doors always closed.

Before you bring a new puppy home, you should inform your family members about him. If you have a baby at home, you should be more cautious when you get the puppy. This will make the home environment more comfortable.