We are a family run business dedicated to providing dog grooming courses and training. We also provide accommodation for your dog who would otherwise stay home all alone. Here he will have lots of companions to have a fun-filled time. The dogs are always supervised by our experienced staff. We offer pick-up and drop-off services as well.

We provide dog socialization courses and other training classes. Your dog will be happy and become confident with us. The dogs have a fun learning environment. We only use positive training methods and it really works. If your dog has any behavioral issue, we can provide one-to-one training sessions as well. We have a grooming parlor where you can wash your dog and do the trimming as well.

If you are looking for a place to train your dog then you must come to us. We have experienced trainers who will provide all the necessary training to your dog. After getting training from us, you will notice the positive change in your dog. You will enjoy the time you spend with your dog more. So, call us today and let us shape your dog’s behavior.