Positive reinforcement training involves providing rewards to the dog when they do something good. The rewards can be in the form of praising, treating, or taking them to walk and play. The trainers often use a ‘clicker’ to show a positive situation. Here are five reasons why this type of training is necessary.

Improves communication

You should train your dog using positive reinforcement to create a strong bond between the two of you. It is important to communicate ith your dog clearly. It will help your dog to understand when they are doing right things and when they are going the wrong things. With reward, your dog will keep on repeating the good behavior.

Develop stronger bond

To many dog owners, the dog is a part of their family. They treat the dog like their own children. If you give them positive reinforcement training, they will trust you more. So, the relationship between you and your dog will be stronger. On the other hand, if you keep on punishing your dog continuously, the relationship won’t be strong anymore.


Improves behavioral issues

If your dog is fearful and aggressive, then positive reinforcement training can improve their behavior. If you give them punishment, the situation will become worse.

Get the whole family involved

This type of training is easy to do as you can involve your entire family to take part in training the dog. They can provide treats or behave nicely with the dog.

The training is fun

You can have lots of fun while providing this positive reinforcement training. Your dog will enjoy the sessions very much and will look forward to the next training session.

Nowadays, the dog experts discourage punishment as a part of training. You should use positive reinforcement training if you want your dog to grow healthy both physically and mentally.

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