When you bring a puppy home, he or she is at a very raw stage. You need to groom him and train him to make him sociable so that you can keep him in your home. You should teach puppies these skills between 3 and 16 weeks. If you train your puppy well during this period, he will grow up to become a happy and confident dog. At Paws Partners, we offer puppy classes for various age groups.

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LED Dog Collar

Dog socialization class

We help you raise a confident and happy dog that you can take anywhere with you, whether on the road or to your friend’s house.

Dog group training classes

We provide group training classes to dogs of all ages. We use effective and latest techniques to train the dogs.

One-to-One Training

The trainers try to understand the unique behavior pattern of the dogs and try to customize training classes suited for each dog.

What do we do?

We provide dog socialization classes and dog training classes. There are one-to-one training courses for available for dogs needing special attention. We make sure that the learning environment is fun and positive reinforcement methods are used in training the dogs. Our aim is to develop happy and confident dogs. We have a grooming parlor as well. You can bring your dog here for a quick wash or get his nails trimmed. Our grooming instructors will give you tips so that next time you can do these grooming tasks yourself at home. We have a shop where we sell various raw dog food and bones. We also sell kibble, treats, toys, etc.

These Methods

We believe that negative reinforcement methods can cause confusion and fear. These methods won’t be good for the dogs in the long run. It will severely affect their behavior. So, we are totally against using such techniques. We focus all our training classes on using positive reinforcement methods. That’s why our customers are always satisfied by the changes they see in their dogs after getting training from us.

We use food, toys, and other positive reinforcements to train our dogs. A healthy relationship develops between the owner and the dog because of trust and clear communication. We understand that and so train the dogs in such a way that a strong relationship develops between the dog and the owner. If you want to bring your dog to our classes, you must pre-book. Please, call us to know the class schedules.